Quality as the basis of operational safety
The company has its own Quality Management System and is certified by TÜV Cert in accordance with
DIN EN ISO 9001 2000.
The S+S Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG with its modern product management, modern technical equipment plus the know-how and experience of its employees is qualified as a reliable and high-performance partner for the customer.

• TÜV CERT DIN EN ISO 9001 - 2000
• TÜV CERT according to Directive 97/23/EC, comprehensive quality assurance (Modules H and H1)
• TÜV CERT according to Directive 97/23/EC, manufacture to Modules G and F
• TÜV CERT according to AD 2000-Merkblatt HP0 / HP 100R / TRD 201 / DIN EN 729-2
• TÜV CERT Right to transfer identification marks to materials and products
• TÜV / SEL CERT for joint-welding and deposit-welding
  Approval to ASME Sec. IX for welding connection and overlay.

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